FLASHBACK: Rear Window – Black Athena (Telesur)

FLASHBACK: Rear Window – Black Athena

Rear Window – Black Athena – Part 1

Rear Window – Black Athena – Part 2

Rear Window – Black Athena – Part 3


The Person Who Needs To Cry, But Who Does Not Want To!

I Need to Cry But I don’t Want To
I want To faceoff my Sadness with my Madness
I don’t want to be weak more less weaker by time and age
Aging for me only can mean coldness
Never more feel the fragility of my childhood
When slavery felt so real
And tears didn’t have any chance to be made
By that kid that have to be strong
Before even know the meaning of strength
I feel myself lost, without a meaningful realization
I know I don’t matter for most people
I now don’t enjoy friends, talks and hugs
I’m more isolated than ever
Isolated on my own word, too ugly to bring someone inside of
I protect those around just like I protect myself
I protect me and others from myself
Weird, autistic, angry.. someone that cannot let the bad memories go away
Not that I want to change the past
But because the rage didn’t get out yet
I know I need something
But I cannot let weaker feelings dominate my life
I got keep going
Don’t worry, death will come eventually
To set me free from this
I say this because I cannot really know what it is
But it’s something,
Because I can feel it.. and it’s so abusively heavy
I just never thought That I will be writing about this
But rather than calling it drama or problems
I prefer to call it
Adventurous Life
Difficult, painful…maybe lonely
But it’s the challenge I must take
I order to call myself
The person!
the person who needs to cry, but who does not want

Newsbud VS 21st Century Wire, Vanessa Beeley & Eva Bartlett VS James Corbett

Syria Under Siege: Guarding Against Wolves in Sheep Clothing

Stop The Assault on Medical Neutrality, War-Time Humanitarian Relief & Freedom of The Press!

Fact Checking Newsbud’s “Syria Under Siege” Video By Corbett Report

Newsbud’s Exposé of Beeley and Bartlett: Comment https://barbaramckenzie.wordpress.com/2018/03/22/newsbuds-expose-of-beeley-and-bartlett-comment/ via @wordpressdotcom

Corbett Report Show Notes https://www.corbettreport.com/fact-checking-newsbuds-syria-under-siege-video/

Newsbud Responds to James Corbett’s Smear Campaign

Quick Notes – 25/03/2018

Tweets, Comments and one Meme

The West is Attacking Philippine/Chinese Drug War because Duterte is Arresting The Worse Drugs, Weapons & Human Dealers, Including International Criminals, Police & Politicians and That is Unwittingly Cracking Down also on CIA Drug Trafficking That Pays For Their Black Budgets!

I Don’t Believe that London Real (Russophobic) Real News (Anti-Chinese) and Corbett Report (Anti-venezuela & Anti-Chinese) Timing On Publishing This Propaganda Pieces are Merely Coincidences. Because it’s Actually Very Much Aligned With the Western Warmongering Attacks!

Real News is Real Anti-Chinese Propaganda! Bitching About Xi “Eternal Ruling”! Fake News! China Have Elections, Elected Their Leaders & The Unlimited Term Law Also Exists in Germany or UK But Off Course,White Western People Take Any Chances To Call China a Dictatorship!

Isn’t a coincidence that While US & UK are Warmongering Against China, Russia, DPRK, Venezuela & Iran Some of the So Call “Alternative” Media Like Real News or Corbett Report are Happily Contributing To the Spread of Propaganda, Racist Views & Fake News!

DPRK Never Attacked Anybody, Only Try To Free All Korea From Japanese Occupation. If You Don’t Agreed With That, On The DPRK Fight Against Imperial Japan, Congratulations, You Just Agreed on Defending The Nazis! Because That is What Imperial Japan Was, A Nazi Allied. CHEERS!

White Supremacists Arguments Don’t Make Any Sense! Nobody Force Them To Mix! They Can Reproduce With Their Own Kind & Make More “White” Babies!It’s Not Other Races Fault That This Whities Aren’t Reproducting!This are Nothing More Than Losers Trying To Blame Their Flaws On Others!

The American & British White Supremacists are Always Complaining About “Illegal” Immigration! What About Your Illegal Immigration in Iraq? Libya? Afghanistan? Syria? Etc… What About That? The Immigrants are Trying To Work while Your Illegal Immigrants Are Killers & Rapists!

White People are So “Superior” that’s why They are Losing in Any Fair Game & keep on Using war & Cheats to steal & plunge Everybody else! Very Superior Indeed! Maybe That’s why White males are so concern with Race mix when even the white women doesn’t want to reproduce with them!

Let’s Remove All the Immigrants & Other Race From the Premier League & Let’s See if This Football Hooligans Will Like To See Their Teams Being Smashed By Every Team in Europe! Talking About Inconsistency! Football & Racism while White Supremacists CHEER For a Mixed Race Teams!

American Mediocrity.This is why white people are always Unemployed, they think working in McDonald it’s for “losers”! They Are Too Good For That! Meanwhile, Latinos, Asian & Blacks work There While the white people keep on complaining about “Immigrants” stealing their Jobs!


Trusted Reference doesn’t mean being right about everything, opinions and mistakes are ok, a trusted Reference is when a website don’t make cheap or absurd propaganda about anything. I live under Net neutrality in two different Countries, in one was Irrelevant, in another is hell.

But not all points of views are admissable. We cannot justify shameful lies with point of views or Free speech claims! The same WMD on Iraq, some of this claims are blatantly False and there is no possible way to twist that on to something noble.

I can lecture you about an orange being an Apple.. tell you all about my points of view and free speech. In the end of all of that phony moralistic BS I’m sure you will still sure that the orange is a orange and not a Apple. It’s sad I know, many propaganda, but it’s what We have

Maybe Corbett Could retract his bafoonish, Propagandistic, Baseless & Unfactual Articles made out of Pure Racist & Fearmongering About the “Totalitarian Dictatorship” in Venezuela or the “Emperor God” Xi in China! wondering How someone so well educated can be this Ignorant!

É Tarde, Senhor! O Cú Já Se Fodeu!


Descanso os meus olhos
Estão encharcados de poeira
Pesados, riscados, abandonados a cegueira do homem comum
É este o preço da protecção mediática
Dos peões e dos heróis de fachada
Meros títulos intitulados a bravura reduzida do oportunista
Corrupção é Politica e Política são negócios
Podem ser eles mais barulhentos do já são
Aceitar as crateras da ignorância
É uma tardia aquela vitória que encanta
Aos dissabores dos constituintes
Eram novos os politizados e os reconciliados
A corrupção que desfaz a humanidade de homens
Abre os olhos dizia o meu vizinho
Eu tanto me ria quanto ele os fechava a cada eleição
Acredita, são corajosos, aqueles que mentiam Os negócios da prestação e a esmola do milionário
Queria tanto atrapalhar as genialidades do otário
Mas por cá só ficam quem tem identidade falsa
Falsa e hipócritas dos comendadores aos cantores
Quem é artista sabe que uma mentira só não chega
Tem que ser em coro, uma equipa unida
Fracos pelo progresso da corrupção de amanha
São esses mesmos dos quais estou cansado de ver
É por isso que preciso agora de descansar os meus olhos
Das idiotas às promiscuidades de quem faz promessas
Até me poderia rir e distanciar, Degolar a piada e fazer desarranjos de opinião
Mas quem sozinho fala sozinho fico
E eu não passo de um espectro a desabafar a minha própria estupidez
Registada nos canais da arrogância
Pois eu também menti
Menti sobre ser um herói quando sou apenas um devoto oportunista
A tirar as palavras da verdade e a rescreve-las em poemas de liberdade
A liberdade de enganar o otário
Seja para a direita ou para a esquerda
A única coisa honesta seria simplesmente não dizer nada
Népia, zero, absolutamente nada
E deixar os nossos compatriotas descobrir o mundo sozinhos
Seria assim um mundo ideal
Surreal também, porque sempre que há presas há predadores
E quem aqui perde para lá ganhou
É assim a vida
Um monte de merdas enfeitadas de heroísmos e idealismos
Quando no fundo todos sabemos
Merda é merda venha de qual  vier
E este  é meu, esse é teu, agora faz o teu que eu faço o meu
E é assim, o mundo moderno do faça você mesmo!

Quick Note On RT Vs BBC

IF Russia Today Was Like BBC

People are making claims that RT defends Russia Just Like BBC Defends England. But Ain’t The Same, Because Not Such RT Points are Based on Hard Evidences on contraire of the BBC Baseless Accusations, RT Promotes Peace, Rational Discussion & Respectable Diplomacy Rather Than War, That’s What BBC is All About! If RT was BBC, They will Talk 24 hours a Day About UK Treat, UK Aggressiveness & Military Expansion, The Propaganda, The Lies, But The thing is.. RT Will Be Absolutely Right To Talk in those Terms Because UK is Constantly Lying & Making Fake Accusations, UK Together with US is Expanding Militarily With Multiple Invasions & Wars & UK Does Have Thousands of Troops in the Russia Borders! Those Who are Committing The Crimes Including The Financing & Training of Terrorists Like ISIS & Al-nustra Cannot Be The Voice of Reason. UK & US cannot Be this Voice of Reason Because They are Those Creating & Spreading The Chaos Throughout The Globe. Regardless of What Russia Did or Do, Neither UK or US Have The Right To Say Absolutely Anything About Anybody! They Are the Great Reapers of Our Planet & In no Way I will Be Listening To Them as Credible or Honest Voices on Any Issue at All. I Do Not Listen To War Criminals & Psychopaths, and Both BBC & American Mainstream are Nothing More Than War marketing & Sponsorship!

Life that Isn’t Life

The Life that Isn’t Life!

Living trying to survive
It’s not worthy life
If life must be freely Live
Why I am fighting to keep the fight
Why this lie
Is my way of life
If Violence is all I can get
I may just allow heaven come and get me
Maybe there things can make more sense
I started by resisting
After that I get old, insensitive and always ready to kill or die
When all I want was life
I didn’t kill for survive
I kill for life
So tell me now mate
If this is all we can get
Why care to get this and nothing else
For the life that isn’t life!